Founder’s Story

Meet Patricia Quaye, the visionary founder and driving force behind SHE 4 Change Foundation. Patricia Quaye is a passionate Development Engineer, Social Entrepreneur, Educationist, and advocate for youth and women’s empowerment and community development. Patricia’s journey began in a small village in Ghana, where she witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by marginalized rural communities. Born and raised in a small village in Ghana, Patricia’s upbringing and her experiences have shaped her passion for addressing global issues and creating lasting change. Motivated by her own experiences and a deep desire to make a positive impact, Patricia established the foundation with a clear vision of creating a better world for those in need.

As an international professional with a Master of Development Engineering from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor of Education (Social Studies), Patricia combines academic knowledge with a strong dedication to rural development, women and youth empowerment, education access, food security, financial inclusion, and social entrepreneurship. Her unique perspective positions her as an influential figure in the field of development, driving the foundation’s mission forward.

Alongside Patricia, our team of professionals, partners, and volunteers share a common commitment to empowering individuals and communities. Each member brings their unique skills and expertise to contribute to the foundation’s work. Together, we form a dedicated and diverse group of individuals united by a shared vision of creating sustainable and thriving futures.